Queer Queens of Qomedy


There’s a unique comedy revue that’s touring the country with some of the funniest, edgiest, talented and most outrageous comics, united by the single theme . . . The Queer Queens of Qomedy

Producer and internationally known comedian, Poppy Champlin artfully selects the best of the best lesbian comics from across the country to join her at each venue.

Comedians who have donned the Queer Queen crown include: Vickie Shaw, Carol Leifer, Julie Goldman, Michele Balan, Jessica Kirson, Karen Ripley, Mimi Gonzalez , Jennie McNulty, Fortune Feimster, Karen Williams, Dana Goldberg, Bridget McManus, Sandra Valls, Erin Foley, Dana Eagle, Roxanna Ward, Marga Gomez, Lisa Koch, Barb Neligan and Gina Yashere.

April 12th with Jennie McNulty and Sandra Valls Kansas City and Chicago

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Dycon Productions presents Queer Queens of Qomedy




Poppy rolls into Chicago with her new Queenly Court -

Poppy rolls into Chicago with her new Queenly Court -