Poppy is Poppin:

She walks on stage looking urban cool and begins rolling out the jokes, starting slow and sure getting the audience comfy and relaxed. Then she is moving on to staccato pace with well honed material and soon she is hitting on all cylinders, spitting out jokes, quips, songs,impressions, interactions, bird calls and with deep resources to draw from, all of Poppy’s shows can be described as spin art – “No two alike.”

Poppy in Chicago

Poppy in Chicago

Poppy is crackerjack at the craft of Improv. Throw anything at her and watch as she magically turns it into comedic fodder.

Poppy’s experience with classic standup and improv, gives her a double-barreled flexibility that works particularly well with her subjects of choice.

Besides Poppy’s deep comedic chops, she actually has a seriously good voice that she puts to use during her performance making sure to end every show on a good note.

“Poppy was a freakin’ ball of comedic thunder,” says one fan.


Joke of the week:

I told my mother I was going to cook the Thanksgiving Turkey this year. She said “You can’t do it!” I said why not? She says I just don’t know what I’m doing. ” You don’t know how to make gravy, truss the bird, make stuffing, don’t even bother. you’ll never do it.” I stood right up to her and said,” My therapist says I can do it!”

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Gig of the Month:

Olivia’s Thanksgiving cruise Mayan Culinary Cuisine Cruise.

Poppy Champlin’s Demo Reel

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