Poppy is ready for 2016

 This year her show is blazing hot!  She conducts her set like a well orchestrated musical comedy – (her forte in college)  Opening with a song gets the crowd jazzed for what’s to come.  Her high energy act does not disappoint.  She has keen observations on life,  love,  politics and more.  She questions the status quo, rants about the things she considers unfair, mocks the things she deems ridiculous.  She blends her jokes masterfully each segway lending itself to the next subject with the flare and ease of a master conductor. Maestro if you will.   Songs appear with perfect timing adding to the rhythm of her set.  From Blues to a broadway belt, Poppy has the chops and her show leaves audiences happy, joyous and free.

Poppy in SAC funny


Poppy  attended the famed Second City in Chicago when such stars as Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Bonnie Hunt and Joe Liss were there.  Her improv skills are quite keen,  throw anything at her and watch as she magically turns it into comedic fodder.

Poppy’s stand-up started in 1982 when she was in a cabaret at The University of Rhode Island called Oceantics.  She was a stand-up Fish and she delivered a fresh Fish Schtick that got her hooked on comedy for life.

“Poppy is one of the best.”

Joke of the week:

I am having a tough time not eating ice cream this summer.  I don’t go bar hopping, I go Dairy Bar Hopping.  I can’t go skinny dipping I have to go fatty dipping.

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Gig of the Month: Courthouse Sept 17th Kingston RI.

Poppy Champlin’s Demo Reel


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